Mission and Vision

Nagpur city is growing in leaps and bounds in all aspects, whether it is infrastructure, education or industry. Cindrebay offers students of design, an opportunity to join in this wave, by creating the ‘design hub’ that would prove to be the stepping stone for successful designers of the future. Cindrebay aspires to be the vortex where fashion designing, interior designing, and other design thinking converges to produce aesthetic and artistic brilliance which will put Cindrebay and Nagpur on the map of the designing industry.

Working towards welfare of Students

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that everyone in the world wants to achieve something that would make them and their families proud. Unfortunately, many factors- financial constraints, lack of support and most importantly a saturated educational system – stops many young and creative students from achieving their full potential. Cindrebay Nagpur, as a young institute in a dynamic world, understands this predicament only too well. That is why our curriculum is aimed at helping students bring out their best, and achieve their full potential. We understand that every student is different and therefore have created a syllabus that takes into consideration the varied needs of different students. We want to and are sure to evoke the latent passion and enthusiasm in our students. A slight nudge, we believe, is all it takes to steer a student towards their best. And, we believe we are the right institute to do so.

Futurist in approach

This generation has in them a fierce rebellious streak and unbridled curiosity. Traditional methods of education- may form a strong foundation- but might prove incapable to quench that curiosity. Therefore at Cindrebay Nagpur, we ensure that newer and modern methods are incorporated into the syllabus to provide the students with a more holistic education.

We are strong advocators of involving digitisation in learning. Every student of the institute will be well equipped with all the latest cutting edge software like Autocad, Sketchup, 3DS Max, Revit, V-Ray, Rhino, Grasshopper, 3D printing, etc. Along with the software, there will be awareness of all latest design drifts in the field. There will be an aggressive exploration into the works of latest designers all around the world.

Multidisciplinary Methodology

Students will also have an opportunity to be taught by the best in the business. Artists will be called to teach visual arts, entrepreneurs to provide guidance on commercial skills, 3D visualizer to guide 3D modelling, among others. At Cindrebay Nagpur, we put special emphasis on practical knowledge as well. Students will be taught to design furniture, sculptures, among others.

Out-of-the-box approach.

Cindrebay Nagpur is very experimental in design pedagogy approach. We believe in making mistakes and learning from them. Our curriculum is designed to evoke creativity and imaginative thinking among pupils. Our practical exercises involve problem-solving, thereby making students more inventive and industry-ready.

Real-worlds preparation!

We strongly believe that studying in Cindrebay Nagpur will not only make our students industry ready but also equip them with skills to face everyday challenges that they may face in the Design industry. Students will have access to latest materials, techniques, labor management, software skills, design trends, and anything which is innovative! We also have a strong network of designers who will help the students with placements and internships. An opportunity to work on proper commercial projects will also be awarded to the brightest student from each batch.

Whatever good things we build, end up building us – Jim Rohn


Cindrebay School of Fashion and Interior Design is persistently calling out for creative enthusiasts at 8 learning centres across India. The institute paves the way for innovative souls to develop unique and unusual designs for everyday element of our routine.  These days’ designing is the major requirement for setting the working and living spaces. The degree and diploma courses provided by the institute help in developing the creativity of potential candidates by honing their skills to design interiors with artistic and technical perfection.

While we gather wisdom and experiences, we also gather perceptions, mind-sets and a particular way to doing things. We often don’t realize what is the right way of proposing work on a particular project and continues moving towards it with customary strategies. Cindrebay has conceptualized the courses in a way which encourages learning and implementing strategies by keeping all the old working procedures aside, which helps students to learn new strategies in no time and to be more productive.

The course is inclined towards giving students the market exposure more, as Design is a creative profession and is constantly evolving. Cindrebay holds expert faculties and fully equipped designed labs which make students play with their brush of imagination on the canvas of experimenting with new concepts. Along with this students are provided with seasonal and international internship which helps them face creative challenges every now and then.

This holistic perspective is kept in mind while teaching both degree and diploma students. However the minds of degree students are like a plane canvas as a result of which it becomes easier for them to specifically implement the right strategies while working. But for students who wants to go for diploma, belongs from various different fields, and already have their way of working, it is very important for them to rework on their methods. Thus, Cindrebay ensures teaching by keeping the background details of a student in mind as Designing is all about learning how to think!

Ar. Khushboo Agarwal is the energy behind Cindrebay Nagpur!

“Cindrebay Nagpur is my passion project. It’s very experimental in design pedagogy approach. Here, at Cindrebay I like to work with a vision and love to have people who understand my vision and work in resonance with it. We have great facilities, positive ambience and ultra high aims for ourselves and our students. Our curriculum is designed to evoke creativity and imaginative thinking among pupils. Our practical exercises involve problem-solving skills, thereby making students more inventive and industry-ready. As Being in education industry is a big responsibility. It’s a powerful tool, you are not only teaching them about profession but can mould them into better individuals, better citizens and hence, society at large. Students / parents come with lots of hope and sacrifices. Parents take loan in hope that the right training will build a brighter future for them. Keeping this in mind we strive each day for making our students excel in their future by keeping our traditions, dedication and professionalism in pace. Because we believe in making mistakes and learning from them.”