Making A Detailed Technical Plan

How to Make a Detailed Technical Plan of a Room

No matter how brillant you are in designing, if you fail to execute the same on site then you fail. The execution depends only on the drawing you make – labelling everything properly, dimensions, reference dimensions, how to organize drawings and content of the drawings. The way we make a drawing also shout-out about our ability as a designer. There are a standard system which makes the drawing readable but along with it we have to make it very much user freindly and less-chaotic for maximum understanding. Making a sound easily readable technical drawing is nothing but an Art.

Key Student Takeaways

  • Amount of Details to show
  • How to do labelling
  • Standard Method of Dimensioning
  • Insight about how dawrings are read on site and hence how to make the drawing
  • How to organize drawings and content of the drawings
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