Interior Design Degree Pedagogy


Bachelors in Interior Design is a professional course which holds high demand in real estate and construction industry. This B.Sc in Interior Design is conceptualized by keeping those people in mind who are inclined towards learning the finer aspects of design  and development. This course keeps the students updated with the latest market trends by making them explore the market. This B.Sc program focuses on creative planning and skilled execution of designs of interior spaces.


Objective of the Course:



Cindrebay’s first and the foremost approach of teaching is to make students observe the world around them. This makes students challenge their own self visually on a daily basis by observe most of the mundane things. As for working with precision, personal observation plays a major role.


In order to design elements with a detail connection to life, one must think in a way that goes far beyond form and construction. Making students think at their individual level will make them compare the designs with attribute such as composure, self-evidence, durability, presence and integrity. After all a designers approach of thinking should not be of representing a particular design, but being the design.


Production is what influences more architects and designers when they make their design decisions. This production should be done while keeping the design values and norms in mind. Cindrebay ensures that designers should care enough about design or product to uphold high design standards regardless of the payment offered.


The goal of designing a product is to create a solution that is desirable and feasible. Cindrebay helps in students learn the process of making a product which not only satisfies the needs of a user but be easy to implement and have a commercial model as well. As the working of a product is at the forefront which is concerned with a student’s ideas and validating sustainability.