How to make an Impressive Presentation Plan

How to make a Presentation Plan for Client in AutoCad and PhotoShop

A perfect presentation plan helps you in expressing your ideas clearly and thus helps to convince clients. What kind of flooring is where, where is the landscaping area, what kind of furnitures are being used and basic look and feel at 2D level. There are many ways in which you can make a preseatation plan as there are ‘n’ number of textures/templates avaible but chossing the right one which can express you ideas properly is the key to make a perfect preseatation plan in less time. The session will focus on the various techineques of making a presentation plan and will try our hands on photoshop overviewsing one technique

Key Student Takeaways

  • Amount of Details to show
  • Colour Combinations
  • Smart use of Softwares
  • Furniture Library to use
  • How to do labelling and dimensioning
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