Diploma in Interior Design & Space Management

12 Months Full Time Diploma in Interior & Space Design

Summary of the course

Duration: 1 Year Full Time

Eligibility: 10+2 Level and Above

Intake: 20 Students in a Batch

Diploma awarded by: Government University Degree & Diploma – Bharathiar University having 28th rank in India



Course Content

  1. Fundamentals, Elements and Principle of Design.
  2. Colour Theory.
  3. 2D and 3D Compositions.
  4. Compositions in Interior Design.
  1. Lines, lettering, dimensions & scales.
  2. Orthogonal projections.
  3. Measured Drawing.
  1. Study of Interior space components, Walls, partitions & panels, Floors, Mezzanine floor, Ceilings & false / suspended ceilings, Openings – Doors & Window types, Stair and its types.
  2. Interior space Furnishings, Paints & Textures, Laminates, Claddings & Others: Through sessions on furnishings, paints and textures, etc.
  3. Anthropometrics & furniture standards.
  1. Planning with respect to physical, social & psychological needs.
  2. Understanding Design process.
  3. Conceptual Drawings & Mood Boards.
  4. Basics of Interior Architecture : Form and Structure
  1. Materials & Finishes – Interior applications.
  2. Insight on finishing material e.g. Textiles & Interiors (Market Surveys).
  3. Showroom and manufacturing unit visits – Material seminars  – presentation by the students.
  1. Lighting & Electrical Layouts.
  2. Plumbing & Bathroom / Kitchen Fixtures.
  3. HVAC (Air conditioning).
  1. Estimation & Specifications for Interior projects.
  2. Preparing Bill of Quantities.
  3. Project Detailing & Execution.
  4. Tenders and quotations.
  5. Indian Institute of Interior Designers- Rules and Regulations, Code of conduct.

Design Studio

  • Residence Design / Restaurant Design / Office Design / Institute Design – Any two Space management, space planning, furniture layout, material applications, detailed technical drawing, budgeting as per material specification.
  • Solving Space management issues of live project Many small- small assignments.


Work Site Visits

Site visits and case studies – Case study presentation by the students.


Furniture Making

Furniture workshop  – Hands on furniture making


Digital Studio

  1. AutoCad 2D
  2. 3D Printing
  3. Sketchup with V-ray
  4. Photoshop
  5. Lumion


Entrepreneurship Training & Placement Assistance

Last 1 month session to make them Industry ready

  1. How to Brand yourself – create your own logo and Website
  2. Projects Management
  3. Negotiation skills – Client Handling
  4. Portfolio Creation
  5. Marketing
  6. Basic Banking and Finance Functions
  7. Preparation client service agreement
  8. Basic legal – contracts and agreements, guarantee, warranty.


Workshops by eminent Designers in the City

Workshop Series ‘The Void’ in 2017-18

  1. Furniture Design using Biomimicry  by Ar. Asad Firdosy
  2. Street Furniture Design by Ar. Stuti Vij Pincha
  3. Design Your Creative Business by Ar. RItika Kothari
  4. 3D Printing Week by TESLABS
  5. Woodwork Carpentry by Artist Lalit VIkamshi
  6. Pottery by Rashtriya Karigar Panchayat (National Artisan Jury)
  7. Emotional Design and Calligraphy by Artist Farheen Khan
  8. Origami Furniture Design by Sameer Heejib
  9. Cardboard Furniture Design by Ar. Jamila Sidhpurwala
  10. UI/UX Design by Shirish Kaner


Are you thinking about the career opportunities?

  • With the number of apartments and houses coming up we can see that the real estate market is booming and so there is steep increase in the demand of an Interior Designer. You can know more here.
  • The life style of people is becoming more and more demanding and a tasteful well-furnished house or office reflects a good standard of living. That is why people from every income group are choosing an Interior Designer to get a house they desire.
  • The field is full of creativity and gives an opportunity to earn a fortune. The starting income of an Interior Designer can be 4.5L per annum and after few years, an experienced Designer can earn more than 25 lakhs per year. There is truly no upper limit to earn in this field. You can know more here.


Are you doing the right course, at the right institute?

Cindrebay Diploma course is the brief version of what one study’s in the 3 year degree course. This makes our curriculum unique from any other Diploma courses provided by any institute. It aims in making you a successful Interior Designer with practical and creative approach towards Design.

Why study 20 year old syllabus in 21st Century!? At Cindrebay, we revise our curriculum every 3 years to match the contemporary Design industry.

Those who are determined to be a Design entrepreneur will get lifelong mentoring for beginning their own Design Firm. So, choose Cindrebay Diploma in Interior Designing for marking a strong foundation in the field of Interior Design.