Started in 2006 by design enthusiasts, bitten by the sheer passion and love for design, ​Cindrebay ​School of Interior Design is now the premiere Design School in India

Eleven Years in Schooling, A Thousand Smiles. We have kept up with our tradition of great education mixed with industry focus. A medium to fuel a growing industry and an arena to make dreams come true.

Truly practical education mixed with great course content

We started off with Interior Design ​education as we saw that ​a large pool of young people needed the right guidance to find a career that ​they ​would fall in love with. Th​us ​Cindrebay ​School of Interior Design was born.

Challenging norms of conventional education
We love great Design

We started Cindrebay to realize our passion for design into guidance of thousands of professionals.

We love innovation

Innovation comes in many forms, but its the best when it comes from young minds not hindered by bad education

We love challenges

Our love for challenges is what keeps us updated. We rise up to any educational challenge thrown by the industry


A Design School dedicated to creating innovative & passionate designers

Why Choose Us?

Best Teachers

The best teachers to mould you into amazing design professionals

Amazing Workshops

Our curriculum is filled with workshops that increase the depth of your knowledge

Multiple Branches

We are in multiple cities across India and are a National school.

We create innovation

Innovation is a mindset that we cultivate into young minds which helps them succeed

Annual Day & Graduation Ceremony – Cindrebay Nagpur

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it! After an entire year of extensive...

‘Cargotecture’ – Architecture with Shipping Containers!

Sustainable living is a growing concept spreading rapidly across the world. Architects and Interior Designers are constantly looking for new...

Balconies – A Refuge in the Urban Fabric

There is a lot of 'Indoors' in our daily lives. Homes, universities, work places, places of entertainment, shopping, retail. Somehow,...

Mirrors – Reflecting your Interior Design Style!

Gone are the days of "Mirror  Mirror on the wall"! Nowadays, mirrors aren't just confined as a wall accessory, but...

Elevating Interior Decor with Rugs!

We all want that added spark in our interior spaces. In our previous discussions, we have talked a lot about...

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