Interior Design Diploma Pedagogy


The diploma program in interior design and space management prepares students to mix practicality with creativity in a very short span of time. The course is designed in such a way that it teaches various aspects of design with regards to space and structures. The course imparts in depth study of space planning, aesthetics, the way of representing design proposals in terms of technical drawings, etc. The course also integrates with business fundamentals such as marketing and management which enable students to march confidently in the corporate world.


Bringing Background to the Fore:


As one of the most important forms of growth is unlearning. The students who appear for diploma courses belong from various backgrounds such as Engineering, MBA and different distinctive fields. As they have effectively learned and executed their own particular manner of working it turns out to be imperative to influence them to unlearn false strategies, convictions and assumptions that have been educated and utilized once in the past. Also, the period of diploma is of 14 months which is itself a challenge as there is a lot to learn and implement. Cindrebay centers on these two aspects of time and background constraints of students with a goal that they can positively make their mark in the design world.