Architecture on the surface seems like a very glamorous profession. Erecting tall buildings and contributing to the skylines of cities. Etching one’s name in history with a permanent signature on the city’s map and sketching ideas which get realized is what everyone imagines when they think of Architects. But, what does it take to reach that moment? The number of sleepless nights, the convincing of clients, working day in and day out to realize a project, breaking backs on construction sites to ensure the design comes out as one has imagined. No one tells you that. The story becomes more complicated when a bunch of youngsters takes it upon themselves to create a startup, strong on ideas, creativity, and passion. This is the ‘Behind the Doors’ story of a fresh startup, Cellar Door Design Studio in Nagpur. Headed by Aziz Rasheed, Mohit Pradhan, and Chandan Singh, they strive every day to make a difference. At Cindrebay, we encourage our students to aim to build their own brand someday, which is why we invited CDDS for a Void Workshop ‘Archipreneur’ to get them familiar with what it takes to make your own niche in the market.

In this session of ‘The Void’, CDDS was kind enough to lend us their precious time. Along with the technicalities of their projects, they also explained the students their struggles to earn their first project and described their journey so far. An idea bank, capital, and the burning passion to do something different is what drives the designers at CDDS. Having completed a couple of Interior Design projects in and around the city, these young entrepreneurs are earning good reviews from clients and audience. But, what makes them so unique? The fact that their office is a collaborative environment, which invites other artists, designers, architects to work with them! Yes, CDDS office is a co-working space which is open to all other creative professionals. They harness this productive, innovative and imaginative work environment where art enthusiasts and other designers can be comfortable to work in. Where artists and designers feel restricted and intimidated in typical corporate set-ups, CDDS provides an encouraging and fun work community which becomes a co-creating abode for the creatives.

A big colorful office which inspires you is what CDDS is all about. Their success mantra is to make spaces come alive with their fresh design-sense, combined with minimalism and concentration on details. IN addition to offering a platform to other designers in the city to come and work together, CDDS also boasts of their own retail design and showroom design in the city. Imagining the potential of drab and dull spaces, this mind-blowing design team provides solutions which suit the client’s pockets, while making it look like a million bucks. The practicality and shelf life of a design is one of the major concerns of this design team and they strive to make interiors both practical and timeless for the client. Retail design comes with its own challenges as the design has to appeal not only to the shop owner but also the hundreds of people who are going to visit the space. Designing in a way that the shop has an increased footfall and impresses people from all backgrounds and strata of society is a challenge which CDDS has aced!

Students of Interior Design at Cindrebay were motivated by Ar. Aziz’s inspiring words. The journey might have been rough, but the destination makes it all worth it. The message the students received from their design team was to never let go of their dreams however hard the path may be. After a personal interaction with the CDDS team, the students were overwhelmed and impressed by their distinguished works. We thank the CDDS team once again for their persuasive talk and wish them more luck and success in the future! The city is grateful for the co-working ambience you have set up and you guys are truly an inspiration for us all!