Cindrebay Institute of Fashion and interior design, Nagpur recently organised a workshop in association with JC Lions Club of Nagpur on 11 th August. JC Sucheta Dhoot was the chief speaker who gave an enlightening talk on self marketing and promotion. The workshop was called “Blowing your own Trumpet”. The seminar was extremely informative for the Interior Design students of the institute as Ms. Dhoot informed them about the techniques and methods of advertising oneself, building your own brand and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. The workshop comprised of several team building activities as well, which the students thoroughly enjoyed. In Ms. Dhoot’s words, “It is extremely important to know your plus and minus points in order to build confidence and to flourish in the market. People think it is not advisable to boast about yourself or blow your trumpet, but in this competitive world, you need to make a mark for yourself and only through personal marketing can you achieve that.” She went on to explain a lot of ways to socialise, spread awareness and establish yourself as a brand in your field and gave tips for personal, social and public networking. The experience was a valuable and memorable one with lots of food for thought!