The Void 13: Interior Photography Workshop

“A photograph is a way to Pause life!”
Sounds interesting? That is why Cindrebay School of fashion and interior design organized an “Interior Photography Workshop”. The workshop was intended to develop a new and imperative talent in students and ingrain in them the art of photography. Taking a good picture, can be tricky and to hone this skill in our students, we invited popular city photographer Dr. Rishab Joshi, a dentist by profession and a photographer by Passion to guide them.

Dr. Rishab Joshi, an experienced photographer who excels in portrait photography and enjoys quite a fan following on his Instagram Handle “”, hosted the event at the newly inaugurated ‘Glocal Square Mall’ in Nagpur on the 14th of July. First and foremost, Dr. Rishab instructed the kids on how to handle a camera, its basic parts and functions, how to hold and shoot with it to achieve the best results. After these basic tips and instructions, in the first phase of the workshop, Rishab instructed the students to chose a subject and click photographs of it. The students quickly set up their equipment and started shooting images of the elegant mall interiors.

After testing their current level of expertise, it was time now to bring in the lessons. “Photography is not just holding a camera and pushing buttons.” He mused. “It is capturing what you feel in that moment on a piece of paper.” He started with a simple lesson in focusing and explained how the subject needs to be the hero in the photograph. Having studied the images the students had clicked in the first part of the workshop, Dr. Rishab pointed out the flaws and shortcomings of the snapshots and told the students the ways they could overcome them. He gave a short presentation, which elaborated the best tips and tactics to achieve elegant interior pictures.

“The importance of viewing things in perspective is multifold when it comes to taking a photograph. It is important to align yourself and the device you hold, to the frame you have in mind, and then shoot. Clicking at any height, at any angle will not work.” Dr. Rishab advised the students. He went on to emphasize the importance of clicking in one point and two-point perspectives and instructed them to consider the straight lines and angles while taking a picture. The important thing is to make sure your picture looks straight and defined. Imagine a frame around that photograph. Will it look tilted? If the answer is yes, you need to reshoot. He also explained the concept of waist height photographs when it comes to interiors, which is a tip the students found extremely helpful. He taught students to use the available light, however dim or low it may be, to their advantage. He taught them to shoot from angles where the light fell on their subject a little bit better. Using props to elevate the frame and make the picture more interesting was also one of the lessons he imparted.

After this presentation, the students were given time to reshoot the same photographs. The results in the second round were remarkably different and there was a huge improvement in the quality of those pictures. Dr. Rishab personally attended to every student and helped them make adjustments in the camera settings and gave personal inputs to each one. He advised students on the level of aperture, helped with the lighting constraints and guided them in order to take better snaps, the result of which was truly visible!

We would like to thank Dr. Rishab, for taking out time to coach our students and ingraining in them a life skill of utmost importance. The end of the workshop was marked by smiling faces, a lot of group shots and Ms. Khushboo Aggarwal (regional Head- Cindrebay Institute – Nagpur) offering a vote of thanks and presenting Dr. Rishab with a highly illustrated copy of “The Atlas of Beauty.” Our students went home, with another successful day of practical, fun and experiential learning!

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