An important lesson in life, is to never stop learning. When you stop educating yourself, you become stagnant in life. It is crucial to incorporate this feeling early in a student’s life and to encourage them to pursue higher goals. It is with that intention, that Cindrebay School of Fashion and Interior Design, Nagpur, organized a workshop on ‘Continuing your Design Journey Abroad’, a Master’s introduction session with Ar. Jamila Sidhpurwala, who is all set to study Masters in Architecture in the University of Liechtenstein, Europe.

The presentation started with the pros of choosing design as a career. In Jamila’s words, “Being a designer isn’t just work, it is a way of life. You perceive things differently and observe more than the usual person. Being a designer gives you the power as well as the responsibility to influence people’s lives. A work environment full of creativity, ideas and choices, the work that you do on a daily basis also seems fun and interesting. Instead of a 9-5 desk job, you get the opportunity of traveling, going on sites and meeting new people, and the work profile is flexible as well as a lot of fun!” She further stressed the importance of design in the lives of all human beings. Art, animation, architecture, interiors, graphics, businesses, machines, apps, websites, clothes, furniture, landscapes everything is depended upon design. How drab the world would be if all these things are no longer present. The world in itself is a product of design and the way humans shape it every day is an improvisation.

The Master’s talk started with a positive note, of how continuing one’s education can benefit not just your career and work profile, but also give you life lessons. Earning a spot in a foreign university and being able to travel alone, live independently in a foreign nation can help you to develop your personality and give you insights on how people from other countries develop a design and their approach to the same. The chance to interact with students from different cultures and backgrounds also widens one’s outlook and expands horizons of the mind. As good as Indian universities and educational programmes are, studying abroad can change the way you look at particular things and give one a chance to further develop their idea bank.

Further, Jamila talked about how she earned a spot in the University of Liechtenstein and the various formalities and documents that she needed to submit. A rough overview of this would be one’s resume, the portfolio of work, letter of motivation and the letter of recommendation. However, it was her opinion that earning good grades in the bachelor’s programme and obtaining a good CGPA is crucial to get into a good foreign university. She also stressed the importance of gaining professional experience as it strengthens the core of academic studies, as well as prepares you for an independent life. Minimum 2-year work experience can also aid one to select their field of further studies as by then you realize what you are good at and where you lack. It can also give you insights on what interests you and which field you would further like to explore.

Choosing the right course, and researching the university is of the utmost importance according to Ms. Jamila. She thinks, “Don’t select the university according to the place you want to go to. That is also an important aspect of learning, however, it is necessary that you enjoy the course and the university, to feel fulfilled. Travel is always a good outlook, but it can’t be everything. The course, the subjects, and the university’s profile and ranking are factors which one can consider while choosing the programme.” Other factors according to her are the budget, the country, and the language, the various architectural typologies around, future job prospects etc. She recommends that one research all these things in great detail before making a choice, as calculated decisions go a long way in shaping one’s future life.

To sum it up, the workshop was a super success, as the students at the institute as well as all other invitees were inspired to Continue their Design Journey. After the presentation, there was a short Q&A session, where people put forth their doubts and queries regarding the application process, the visa procedures, budget management and so on, which Jamila answered patiently. Overall, we would like to thank her for her valuable time and we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.