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Cindrebay School of Design Nagpur


Cindrebay has been the Premier Interior Design & Fashion Design Institute across India for more than a decade! Our record of well placed students who attribute their success to Cindrebay, speaks for itself!

Autodesk Authorised CAD Lab, Experienced and Dedicated Instructors, Eminent Guest & Visiting Faculty, Inspiring Environment, Unique Teaching Method, Well Researched Courseware, Entrepreneurship & Placement Program etc. are some of the highlights.

Only Institute in Nagpur to provide Government University Degree & Diploma.

Affiliated by National Skill Development Corporation and Government of India Ministry of Skill Development!


Admission open for 2019!

Architecture      /    Interior Design      /     Fashion Design

Why Choose Us?

Inspiring environment

Our interior and fashion design ​campus in Nagpur are aesthetically pleasing​​. ​Cindrebay created​ ​an ambiance​ ​which is full​ ​of knowledge​ ​and will help in​ ​stimulates creativity​ ​among students.

Unique Teaching Method

Futurist design pedagogy giving high emphasis on technologies used in design industry​ like 3d printing, 3D Modelling, CAD technologies. Hands-on-minds-on project based interior & fashion design training.

Well Researched Courseware

Periodically updated interior design and fashion design course curriculum through collaborations with partner institutions spread over the world which is learner friendly and thoroughly researched

Experienced & qualified faculty

Teachers at Cindrebay Nagpur are success examples in themselves. They push and inspire students to bring out best in them enhancing and nurturing creativity to achieve more in life.

Entrepreneurship & Placement Program

Filling the gap between classroom and practical world by emphasising on practical learning and training. Learn the knacks of market with us and be a part of more than 80% placement program

Bringing industry to classroom

Guest lectures by eminent Designers and consultants facilitating direct interaction. Learn different design styles and latest trends in interior & fashion design with regular workshops and seminars on contemporary topics

8987Students Trained
1645Guest Lectures
86Placement Partners

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The Void

Guest lectures by Interior Designers and Architects

Mentors at Cindrebay


After pursuing engineering, I felt like I was stuck in the same monotonous routine and wanted to break out of the mold. I wanted to explore the vast world of design owing to my creative streak, but didn’t know where to start. Enter Cindrebay School of Fashion and Interior Design! From the very first step of choosing the right course, to getting me a dream job, Cindrebay made the entire process so easy and fun! Reputed staff, study counsellors, noted guest faculties, and pioneers in the field of design instilled in me, a love for design so deep, that my profession has now become my passion. Kudos to Cindrebay’s unending efforts for giving my life a new direction and encouraging more like me to pursue their dreams!


It’s rare to find a learning environment which recognizes and takes pains to hone every student’s distinct talents. Cindrebay is one such institute where it is ensured that not only do you identify your personal style and talent but also develop and enhance it further. Smaller batches ensure dedicated one on one attention and in turn gives every student the freedom to ask questions, develop micro skills, work on your weaknesses and interact with noted speakers and guest lecturers. At Cindrebay, the coursework is such that you get a step by step knowledge of interiors and its practical applications and market understanding. In a world of cut throat competition, it is important to be able to find your niche and Cindrebay’s placement cell did just that for me!


After completing high school, I was in a fix about my career path. I was apprehensive about choosing the field of design as I did not have a fair idea of what it entails. Cindrebay came in as an answer to all my questions and gave wings to my dreams. The strong ethos and ideologies the institute follows instill a strong sense of discipline and work ethic. What I loved most about Cindrebay was that there was never a dull moment. Every day, we were pushed to do new things, to think from a different perspective, to come up with fresh ideas, to indulge in mind opening activities and workshops. Encouraging out of the box thinking coupled with practical and technical knowledge is what makes Cindrebay a leader in Interior Education.

Jay Agrawal
Jay Agrawal

What sets Cindrebay apart from other design institutions is the emphasis given on shaping you as a design professional and promoting intuitive thinking, imbibing design processes, training on dealing with future clients, hands on site work, material recognition and usage, estimation and other important aspects of being a designer rather than just software skills. Regular workshops and seminars help the students be updated on new technologies, materials, softwares and design trends. Rote learning and bookish knowledge, although important, are not everything for being a designer and Cindrebay understands this. Student inputs and ideas are given importance and thus confident designers ready to climb the highest ladders of success are born at Cindrebay.


As glamorous as the world of fashion looks, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. When I decided to pursue a career in fashion, Cindrebay helped me realize all the deep and minute nuances of clothing, stitching, embroidery, print details etc. Interaction with successful designers, working with models, workshops and shows gave me a taste of practical job experience which comes in handy even today. Cindrebay’s excellent placement cell and counsellors gave me the required boost at the start of my career. A successful launch is the dream of every fashion designer which I got through Cindrebay. It really is a place where dreams are made!


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